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Phishing Scam Targets U of T Facebook Users Phishing Scam Targets U of T Facebook Users

If you use Facebook and have received a message from someone you know asking for your UTORid and password to get access to an article or for any other reason, this is a fraudulent message and it should be deleted.

Do not provide your UTORid or password to anyone. If your UTORid account is compromised, it will be blocked and you will not be able to use your U of T email and other services. 

2016-07-22 15:11

Phishing Email Alert Phishing Email Alert

A new fraudulent email appearing to originate from the University of Toronto has been delivered to many email accounts at U of T.

The email is from an "" email address and states that the University of Toronto has "temporarily suspended/disabled your account from all incoming messages". There is a link to “" that actually directs victims to a phishing site. The email concludes with a threat stating that failure to click the link will result in account termination.

If you receive this email, do not click the link provided and mark as junk.

2016-06-28 13:28

Help Desk Hours of Service Help Desk Hours of Service

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2016-06-22 22:48

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