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2019-09-04 13:01

Solutions to address SPAM false positives Solutions to address SPAM false positives

Our recent migration of MX records for the and domains changed the way that anti-spam works for individuals with addresses in those domains; incoming mail is now scanned by Exchange Online Protection (EOP).

There have been sporadic reports of EOP generating spam false positives. This article provides some solutions:

Using Message Reporting and Safe Senders List to ensure legitimate mail is not marked as SPAM

2019-08-21 09:46

Non-Delivery Receipts for UTORmail accounts forwarding to UTmail+ Non-Delivery Receipts for UTORmail accounts forwarding to UTmail+

As a result of e-mail maintenance, there was a brief outage for a small number of grandfathered UTORmail mail clients forwarding to UTmail+. An interim fix has been implemented and a permanent fix is being investigated.

Please forward any non-delivery errors to

2019-07-31 16:30

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