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  • Wireless Access: Signs indicating a building has wireless coverage
    Answer: Wireless Internet access is available on all three UofT campuses.Check the wireless coverage maps for current locations. Specific areas in a building that have wireless ...
  • Wireless Access: Wireless network eligibility
    Answer: Registered students, staff and faculty have access to the wireless network including wireless printing. Alumni and visitors can use the wireless network if sponsored by UofT ...
  • Wireless Access: My wireless access has been blocked. How can I restore my access?
    Answer: Access to the University's campus wireless network (UTORcwn) is governed by the Appropriate Use of Information and Communication Technology policy. Wireless access can be blocked for a number ...
  • Wireless Access: Wireless Access
    Answer: On This Page: Description UofT Windows Setup for UofT Mac Setup for UofT Other Device / OS setup for UofT eduroam Wireless Printing Troubleshooting and General Information  Description There are many wireless networks ...

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