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  • Email Programs (UTORmail): LDAP in Windows Mail
    Answer: LDAP is used in UTORmail to access the U of T online email directory when writing e-mail. Configure LDAP Select Accounts from the Tools menu. Click Add. Select Directory ...
  • Email Programs (UTORmail): Windows Mail not showing all messages
    Answer: If you cannot see all your messages in a particular folder, please try the following: In the left-hand column, select the folder to which you wish ...
  • Email Programs (UTORmail): Creating folders using Windows Mail
    Answer: Go to File > New and select Folder. In the Create Folder window, under Folder Name, type in the new folder name. Under Select the folder in ...
  • Email Programs (UTORmail): Saving messages using Windows Mail
    Answer: There are two reasons to create "local" copies of e-mail messages: first, it allows messages to be accessed when the computer is not connected to ...
  • Email Programs (UTORmail): Deleting messages using Windows Mail
    Answer: Deleting messages in Windows Mail requires two steps. Select a message and then click on the red X in the Toolbar. If you do not ...
  • Email Programs (UTORmail): Prevent Windows Mail from automatically removing deleted messages upon exiting the program
    Answer: Follow the steps below to prevent Windows Mail from automatically removing deleted messages upon exiting the email program: Select Options from the Tools menu. Go to the ...

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