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There are many wireless networks available on campus. The Help Desk provides support for 2 networks (UofTand eduroam).

The UofT wireless network supports wireless b, g and n and does not require a browser-based login each time you connect. For devices capable of wireless n, it is faster and has increased range. If you have problems setting up and/or connecting to this network, please contact us at 416-978-HELP (4357).

The eduroam network at UofT is intended for visiting scholars from other participating eduroam institutions. UofT faculty and students can log in to eduroam at other universities using their UofT credentials. 

For more details about UofT's wireless networks, including coverage maps, see the UTORcwn web site


Before you can access the UofT network, you will need to register your UTORid by using the verify tool even if your UTORid is working for other services. There will be a short delay between verifying and being able to access UofT. The following instructions will provide a step-by-step guide to connect your computer.  Please note that the device will be configured with the UTORid and password that was used to set it up, and it is therefore not recommended for shared computers or devices. 

Windows 8
Windows 7 - automatic setup
Windows 7 - manual setup  (use these instructions if you have difficulty with the automatic setup)
Windows Vista
Windows XP

Mac OS X 10.6 and higher

Android 3.0 and higher
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry 6


eduroam is a wireless network system that provides access to wireless Internet when visiting other participating institutions. Support is available from your home institution. For more general information regarding eduroam (including participating institutions), please visit eduroam.org.

Note: We recommend that UofT faculty, staff and students set up and test their computers prior to travelling to a partner institution. Once it is  set up, you will have wireless access to any eduroam-enabled institution in the world. While at UofT, you should be using UofT's wireless network (UofT).

Connecting from Supported Operating Systems

The following instructions are intended for users based at U of T.

Before you can access eduroam, you will need to verify your UTORid. There will be a short delay between verifying and being able to access eduroam. The following instructions will provide a step-by-step guide to connect your computer to eduroam.

Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP

Mac (OSX 10.7 and higher)
Mac (OSX 10.6)
Mac OS X 10.5 & Older

General Connection Settings

If your device does not use one of the supported operating systems, you may try the general settings provided below.

  • Network Format: 802.1.X
  • Network Security: WPA2
  • Authentication (EAP): PEAPv0 (also known as PEAP with MSCHAPv2)
  • Approve a certificate from:radius.wireless.utoronto.ca
  • Login name: UTORid@utoronto.ca (where UTORid is your UTORid)
  • Password: UTORid password 

Wireless Printing

When you are connected to the University's network (UofT, eduroam, or a wired connection) you can print documents using the Library's printers.

Click here for help setting up and using Wireless Printing.

Troubleshooting and General Information

Campus wireless eligibllity — This article explains who has access to the campus wireless network, as well as information about guest access accounts.

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