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Most computers have the capablity to connect to the internet using a wire. This type of connection offers some advantages over a wireless connection, including greater reliablity and faster speeds. Wired access to the University network is available through your department, or your residence.

Residence Network Access

ResNet is the University of Toronto Residence Network, which provides Internet access to students in residence. To access this network you will need to pass a computer security scan similar to the one used by the wireless network. If you are having technical problems with this network, please contact your residence's IT support.

Note: The Help Desk does not provide support for ResNet.

Using ResNet

Can I use my own IP address in the University Residence?

No. All traffic originating within the University Residence subnets is filtered at the local router interface to ensure that the source address is within that subnet's assigned address range. This filter prevents IP source address spoofing, which is commonly used during denial-of-service attacks to mask the actual source of the attack.

What restrictions are there on sending emails in Residence?

To prevent systems from propagating malware such as viruses, spyware and Trojans (which often have self-contained SMTP agents), or acting as spam relays (often as part of a 'botnet'), SMTP (TCP port 25) is blocked outbound at the residence connection to the campus backbone, except to the UTORmail email servers.

All email users should use secure SMTP settings. If your non-UofT email account uses secure sockets layer (SSL) security, then it may work on the University network.

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