Web Space at U of T (UTORweb)

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The UTORweb service provides a web server and storage space (50 MB) for personal web pages, pictures, word-processing documents, etc. This can be used to share documents with others or give the owner a way to save and access documents from any computer with Internet access.

Using UTORweb

Set up a UTORweb account— These instructions outline the steps required to set up your UTORweb personal webspace.

Uploading files with an FTP client (Filezilla) — This article goes through the instructions of uploading a file to a UTORweb account using the Filezilla FTP client.

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General Information

UTORweb — This website provides information and instructions for UTORweb.

Getting webspace at U of T — This article outlines web space options available to individuals affliated with U of T, departments, and campus groups.

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