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UTmail+ is the student email and calendar service at the University of Toronto. The service is powered by Microsoft’s Office 365 platform and supports integrated email, calendaring, contacts and task lists.

UTmail+ lets you use a web browser to access your mailbox from any computer that has an internet connection. You can also access UTmail+ through mail clients like Outlook, or mobile devices like iPhone.

Office 365 ProPlus

Included with your UTmail+ account is access to full desktop versions and mobile versions of Microsoft Office. You may run Office on up to 5 machines (Mac or PC). You can also run the Office Mobile Apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) on up to 5 mobile devices (on various platforms). More details and installation instructions are available from the Student Advantage and Office 365 ProPlus page.

Note: The instructions below help you set up your device or application using Microsoft Exchange, or IMAP. We do not recommend or support using POP to retrieve your email. 

Getting UTmail+

Activating for New Students — If you are starting at U of T as a new student, these instructions will guide you through activating your UTmail+ account.

Ugrading for Students who still have UTORmail — If you are a student and have a UTORmail account, you can upgrade to the UTmail+ service now.

Accessing UTmail+ via Web Browser

Getting Your messages in UTmail+ — Instructions for accessing your UTmail+ account through mail.utoronto.ca using a web browser.

UTmail+ for Mobile and Tablet Devices

UTmail+ for iOS
iOS: Synchronize Email, Calendar, and Contacts — Instructions for accessing your UTmail+ account using an iOS device such as an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad.

UTmail+ for Android
Android: Synchronize Email, Calendar, and Contacts — Instructions for accessing your UTmail+ account using a device with the Android Operating System.
UTmail+ for Blackberry
BlackBerry 10Synchronize Email, Calendar, and Contact — Instructions for accessing your UTmail+ account using a Blackberry Device.
UTmail+ for Windows RT
Windows Phone: Synchronize Email, Calendar and Contacts — Instructions for accessing your UTmail+ account using a Windows phone.

UTmail+ for Desktop Clients

UTmail+ for Desktop Clients
Desktop Mail Clients — Instructions for accessing your UTmail+ account using desktop mail clients in Windows or Mac OSX.

General Information

Using Email — An introduction to the Email features of UTmail+.

Using Calendar — An introduction to the Calendar features of UTmail+.

Using Contacts — An introduction to the Contacts features of UTmail+.

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General Troubleshooting

Office 365 Pro Plus eligibility issues —This article explains steps to take when encountering issues using Office 365 Pro Plus apps

Clearing Browser Cookies —This article explains how to fix a potential login issue seen after the upgrade 

Moving your Address Book from UTORmail webmail to UTmail+ — This article will walk you through exporting UTORmail contacts and importing them into UTmail+.

Moving messages off UTORmail — This article provides links to instructions on exporting UTORmail messages and importing them into UTmail+.

User Tips

Microsoft Knowledge Base — Microsoft supports a complete Knowledge Base available at help.outlook.com