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The University of Toronto Blackboard/Portal supplements your courses with course material, email, discussions and more.  Blackboard/Portal is powered by Blackboard Learn.

As of Aug 31, 2018, the Blackboard Portal will no longer be available and all courses will be delivered in Quercus.

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Blackboard/Portal Help

Accessing Blackboard/Portal

Blackboard/Portal Help

User support for Blackboard is managed by the Center for Teaching Support & Innovation. For Blackboard users support contact information, please see below.

My course does not appear when I am logged in

There are four basic reasons why a course will not appear:

  • You may not be registered for the course in ACORN. Check ACORN or with your registrar to confirm you are registered.
  • If you have just recently registered in the course, it will not appear until the database is updated, which happens overnight.
  • The course may not be offered on Blackboard this session.
  • The instructor may not have made the course available yet. Confirm with your instructor that the course is available to students.

I am not receiving emails from my instructor

To receive emails from Blackboard you must have entered a University email address with ACORN. Acceptable email addresses will end in,,, or (e.g. To set the email address, log in to ACORN and click Personal Information > Email. If that email does not conform to the standards above, click Edit and enter an appropriate email address.

Additional Blackboard help and contact information

Further information on using Blackboard is available on the Portal Information and Help page. Additional help relating to the use of Blackboard may be obtained by emailing .

Accessing Blackboard/Portal

You use your UTORid and password to access Blackboard. Support for the UTORid and password is provided by the Help Desk.

Logging In

The Blackboard address is Log in using your UTORid and password.

What is my UTORid and password?

The UTORid is your key to a number of University of Toronto services, including access to your course on Blackboard. To obtain a UTORid, you first need to obtain a TCard from a TCard Office. Your UTORid is printed on the TCard. If you are a new student, you should receive a printout that shows you how to activate your UTORid. If you are a returning student, refer to the "Forgotten UTORid password" article if you have forgotten your password.

Why can I not log onto the Blackboard with my UTORid?

  • Ensure that the Caps Lock is not on. Then re-type your password.
  • You may not have activated your UTORid. See the UTORid activation article for instructions.
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