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The Help Desk supports the University of Toronto's institutional email services for Students, Faculty, Librarians and Staff. Under Other UofT Email Services, you can find information on other email services at the University of Toronto, not all of which are officially supported by the Information Commons Help Desk.

Student Email

UTmail+ — UTmail+ is the email and calendar service for students at the University of Toronto. New students get a UTmail+ account when they activate their UTORid.

Faculty, Librarians and Staff Email

Office 365
UTmail+ — UTmail+ powered by Office 365 is the new comprehensive online e-communication and collaboration service for faculty, librarians and staff. Migration to UTmail+ begins August 2017 with a pilot group and then will be rolled out in phases to the rest of the University.
UTORexchange UTORexchange is a legacy email service for faculty, librarians and staff which includes integrated email, calendar and contacts services. UTORexchange accounts are currently being migrated to UTmail+.
UTORmail — UTORmail is a legacy email service originally provided to University of Toronto faculty, librarians, staff and students. UTORmail accounts are currently being migrated to UTmail+.


LISTSERV at U of T — UTORlist/LISTSERV provides a simple mechanism for distributing a single message simultaneously to a group of people. The Help Desk offers support for anyone creating or maintaining a mailing list.


Other UofT email Services

Alumni Email Services — As an alumni of the University of Toronto, you are eligible for an alumni account. If you graduated after June 2012, you are eligible for a UTmail+ alumni account (ends in @alum.utoronto.ca). Those who graduated before June 2012 can get a Gmail hosted alumni account (ends in @alumni.utoronto.ca). 

Shared mailboxes — University departments and organizations can obtain a generic email address in the form of something@utoronto.ca (e.g. geography@utoronto.ca).

Student group email service — Email addresses can also be created for student groups. Help with creating such email addresses is provided by Ulife (see instructions for creating a student group email address).

Other email services — Different departments and faculties have @something.utoronto.ca email address that they offer to students, staff and faculty. For example, Rotman uses @rotman.utoronto.ca If you need support with an email address other than @utoronto.ca, @mail.utoronto.ca, or @alum.utoronto.ca you need to contact the appropriate department/faculty.

Requesting an IP address for a device — ITS offers a service for machines and devices such as switches, data appliances, power bars, photocopiers, etc which need an SMTP server in order to send email.

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