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UTmail+ supports a system of shared mailboxes, which permits multiple users to use a single email address. These accounts are most commonly used for a departmental email account (e.g. If you have an existing UTORexchange shared mailbox, it will be migrated to UTmail+ when your personal UTORexchange account is migrated. Shared mailboxes have one owner, who can then designate other users as reviewers, authors, or editors. In order to access a shared UTmail+ mailbox, you must have already been migrated to UTmail+

Owner Help

Create a Shared UTmail+ Mailbox — New UTmail+ Shared Mailboxes can be requested by departments who have already been migrated. This article provides instructions for creating a shared account

Shared Mailbox permission levels — In My Groups in UTORgrouper, you will see multiple groups for a single Shared Mailbox. Each group gives different levels of permissions to the members of that group.

Giving Delegate Access to Others

Give delegate access to others using UTORGrouper

Add/Remove an owner

Adding or removing an owner using UTORgrouper

Change Mailbox Ownership

Change Ownership for a shared UTmail+ mailbox

Opening a Shared Mailbox

Automapping is enabled by default for Shared Mailboxes. This setting allows for a Shared Mailbox to automatically appear in Outlook 2016 for Windows for anyone with full access permissions to the Shared Mailbox.

There may be instances where it is more desirable to have Automapping disabled – for example, if you would like to set up the Shared Mailbox as your default or primary mailbox in Outlook. Doing this also resolves some issues with sent mail and deleted items folders, signatures, out of office settings and mail merges.

To have Automapping disabled, send a request to


Set up a separate profile for a UTmail+ Shared Mailbox in Outlook 2016 for Windows
Set up a UTmail+ Shared Mailbox as the default address in an existing profile

Open a Shared Mailbox through Outlook on Mac
Setting up a UTmail+ Shared Mailbox as the default address on Outlook for Mac
Setting up a Shared Mailbox on Apple Mail

Open a Shared Mailbox/Calendar through OWA

Mobile Devices


Troubleshooting & Tips

Student access to a Shared Mailbox

Problem viewing all folders in shared mailbox

Signatures and Shared Mailboxes in Outlook

View a Shared Mailbox’s calendar on your phone

Shared Mailboxes and Global Address List issues

Shared Mailboxes and Out of Office settings

Shared Mailboxes and Deleted Items folder

Shared Mailbox Sent Items Folder

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