Setting up rules in Outlook 2007 using Exchange

The following instructions will guide you through the process of setting up rules in Outlook 2007, allowing you to screen messages based on certain conditions.

  1. Open Outlook, and in the menu at the top, go to Tools >Rules and Alerts. This should bring up a Rules and Alerts screen.

  2. Click on New Rule. This brings up the Rules Wizard window, where you can choose a pre-designed rule or a create a custom rule. The procedure is essentially the same, so these instructions will explain how to make custom rules. If you choose a pre-designed rule, some of the steps will already be done for you.

  3. Select Check messages when they arrive to create a rule for incoming messages. Click Next to continue.
  4. On the next screen, you need to choose the criteria that need to be met for the rule to be executed. For example, you may want this rule to only affect emails from a specific address. To do that, check from people or distribution list in the list.

    To choose the email addresses, click on the link provided in the Step 2 section.

  5. You will see a Rule Address window where you can search for addresses to add to the rule.

  6. Choose a contact from your address book by selecting their name, and then clicking the From button, or type their email address directly into the white text box at the bottom next to the From button. Click OK, then click Next.
  7. Next, select what is done with the message if it meets the criteria you set. In this example, it shall be moved to a specific folder. Select move it to the specified folder. Click on the link in Step 2 to select the folder.

  8. Select a folder by clicking on it, and clicking OK.

  9. Click next to go to the next screen, which allows you to choose exceptions to this rule.

  10. Selecting exceptions is similar to creating the rule in the first place, however, anything that meets the exception criteria will not be affected by the rule. In this example, there are no exceptions, so click on Next.
  11. This takes you to the review screen where you can review the rule and finalize it. If you wish to scan your inbox for messages that fit this rule and filter them, check Run this rule now on messages already in “Inbox”. You can also choose a name for the rule here, to identify it later. Click Finish.

  12. Click Finish to create the rule. It should now appear in the list under Rules and Alerts.

  13. Click OK to close the rules and alerts window.


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