Setting up message rules in Entourage 2008 EWS

This article will help you set up rules and filters on Entourage 2008 EWS, for UTORexchange.

  1. Open Entourage.
  2. In the top menu, go to Tools -> Rules. The Rules window will appear. Click on the Mail (Exchange) tab and click New in the top left.

     Entourage - Rules window

  3. This will bring up the Edit Rule window. Enter a rule name.

     Rule Options 1

  4. Click on the + Add Criterion button near the top. Options for the new criterion will appear under the if section.

    Rule Options 2

    The first drop-down list in the 'if' criteria contains the various items that can be compared/judged, such as the “From“ address. The second drop-down list contains operators, such as “contains”, “is”, “is not”, etc. The final field allows you to enter the value you wish to compare – in this example, an email address.

    Once you have selected all the criteria you would like to use for this rule, the ‘Actions’ need to be modified. In this example, we will move all the messages from the selected email address into a specific folder. Entourage has two actions already selected. You can remove them by clicking on them to select them, and clicking on X Remove Action.

    Click + Add Action to add an action. The first drop-down list displays the chosen action. In this example, we wish to “ Move Message”.

    Rule Options 3
  5. The next step is to select a folder to move the message to. Click on the second drop down list and select Choose Folder.

    Rule Options 4

  6. Select the desired folder from the list, and click Choose.
  7. Once you are happy with the rule, click OK. You will be taken back to the Rules window, which will list the rule(s) you created.

     Entourage Rules

  8. Close the window using the red circle at the top left to finish.
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