Copy local contacts to the Exchange server

  1. To copy your local Contacts to the Exchange server, click on the Contacts tab in the Navigation pane (near the bottom of your Outlook screen). You should see a list of all the contacts that are currently in your Personal Folders. If not, click on Contacts in Personal Folders on the left hand side (or whatever name you gave your local contacts), click on one of your contact’s name, then press Ctrl+A. This should highlight all of your contacts.
  2. Again, press and hold the Ctrl key as you drag the contacts in your Personal Folders to your Exchange Contacts folder (make sure not to put them in any of your local contacts folders if you have more than two folders).
  3. Your contacts should now be on the Exchange server and should appear when you select the Contacts folder.
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2013-11-26 15:52
Robert Spence
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