Accessing the Global Address List (GAL) from Entourage

If you are unable to access the Global Address List (GAL) from Entourage (but have no problem using Outlook Web Access), you can download and install a script from an Entourage Help Page) that allows you to access the GAL and copy the contact information to your Contacts. This is a common problem for people using Entourage to access Exchange Servers. (Entourage doesn’t automatically locate the GAL, whereas Outlook does.)

NOTE: If you are using Entourage 2008 EWS, you will automatically have access to the GAL and do not require this script.

To access the GAL using the installed script:

  1. Download and install the script according to the instructions provided on the Entourage page.
  2. Start Entourage.
  3. Click on the script menu (it appears as an icon to the right of the Help menu) and choose Exchange Lookup.
  4. In the Lookup Name window, type the name of the person you wish to find and click OK.
  5. A window will show you the results of the search (if there is more than one result, choose it from the list and click OK).
  6. Choose either Send Mail, Add to Contacts or Cancel.

Note: If you chose Add to Contacts, and the person's contact information in the GAL gets changed in any way, your Contact will NOT update automatically in the address book and you will need to download the specific contact again.

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