Getting Started with UTORexchange Email Clients (Outlook 2007, Outlook Web Access and Entourage 2008)

The guides listed below cover a small selection of Outlook and Entourage functions such as:

  • General navigation overview of the email clients
  • Using categories and flags to organize your items
  • Undeleting and/or recovering deleted items
  • Creating folders and sub-folders
  • Searching and sorting items
  • Creating signatures
  • Scheduling, rescheduling, or cancelling meetings
  • Sharing your calendar and/or opening a shared calendar
  • Creating tasks
  • Creating, finding, and sharing contacts
  • Creating distribution lists

If you need help with a feature you do not see here, use the Help feature available within the application (In Outlook, use the Help search box in the top right-hand corner of the Outlook window. In Entourage, choose Entourage Help from the Help menu).

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