Creating group schedules in Entourage

Group Schedules allows one to view the combined schedules of individuals, resources or Calendar public folders, and schedule meetings with the entire group or with individual members of the group. The grouping you create can be saved for later use. To create a Group Schedule:

  1. Click New and select Group.

  2. Enter a name, then locate and click the correct name from the dropdown list.
  3. If you are not able to locate name, ensure that you have the Global Address List Script to populate the address book.
  4. When the group list is complete, close the window. Click Save when prompted.

 Viewing a Group Calendar in Entourage

  1. Click New to open a new events window.
  2. Click Invite.

  3. In the Address Book dropdown menu, choose Address Book (On My Computer).

  4. Find the Group to invite and double‐click on it.
  5. Press Control and click on the group name in the To: field and choose Expand Group to view all members of the group. This will allow you to check each individual's schedule as documented in step 7 below.

  6. Click on the invitation window to return to see all members of the group listed in the Invite field.
  7. Click Scheduling to view the free/busy times.  Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the scheduling area to move forward in time.
  8. When finished, click Send Now.

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