From: address when composing a new message and Shared UTORexchange Mailbox in Entourage

When accessing a Shared Mailbox from your individual account using Entourage 2008 and composing a new message, the From address will default to your individual email address. To have the From address show the Shared Mailbox address:

  1. Start a new mail message.
  2. In the composition window, choose the Shared Mailbox from the From: menu.

Please note:  The signature will now be removed from the message. You will need to select it from the Signature menu. Click here to find out about using a seperate signature for the Shared Mailbox.

Normally when you are replying to a message addressed to the Shared Mailbox, the From address will be correct.

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2012-07-06 11:45
Ron Tyro
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