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These instructions are for faculty and staff with UTORmail accounts who wish to migrate to UTORexchange. To migrate to a UTORexchange account you must use the online migration tool. These articles will take you through the process and provide general information on how to get started with UTORexchange.

Note: These instructions are only for individual @utoronto.ca email accounts. They are not for departmental or shared email accounts.


Migration Preparation — This article covers the preparations you should undertake prior to migrating a UTORmail account to UTORexchange.

Email Migration Instructions— This article takes you through the migration process.

Post Migration Preparation

Moving Personal Folders and Contacts. If you migrated from UTORmail to UTORexchange, you should complete these steps before you set up your mail profile in Outlook.


Switching from Exchange on @med.utoronto.ca — This article outlines the steps you need to take to switch from the Exchange server at the Faculty of Medicine to UTORexchange.

For all other troubleshooting inquires regarding UTORexchange migration, please contact the Help Desk at help.desk@utoronto.ca.

Next Steps

Accessing your UTORexchange account — This is a list of clients which will allow you to access your UTORexchange account.

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