Sharing files on OneDrive in OWA

  1. Log into your UTmail+ account at
  2. From the app launcher, choose OneDrive.
  3. Click to select the file you'd like to share.

    OneDrive select document

  4. Choose Share from the menu at the top.
  5. Click on the down arrow below the Send Link header to display the link options. A number of options appear:
    • Anyone – anyone can use the link to the file as generated by Office 365 OneDrive
      • This option provides an Expiry Date option such that the link may cease to function after a set period. This is especially important when files are shared with people outside of the University.
    • People in University of Toronto – This option limits access rights to files to members of the University community with active Office 365 accounts.
    • People with existing access - this options limits access to people who already have access to the document.
    • Specific People – This option limits use of the link to specific people that you provide an email address for.
    • Allow editing – Selecting this option permits recipients of the link to edit the file or just to have viewing rights.
  6. Choose the option you wish to use and click Apply.

    choose sharing settings

  7. In this example, Specific people was the option chosen. To continue, you would start typing a name in the search field and choose the appropriate one from the list that appears. Click Send.

    OneDrive share document

  8. When it is complete, you will see a confirmation message. 

    OneDrive share successful
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