Syncing Files to your computer that have been shared with you through OneDrive

If someone has shared documents with you through OneDrive, you can sync them to your computer. Note that the documents you wish to sync must be in a folder that has been shared with you.

  1. Log into your UTmail+ account at
  2. Open the waffle icon in the top left and click the OneDrive tile. 
  3. Click on Shared at the left.
  4. Open the folder containing the files you want to sync.
  5. You should see the Sync button in the menu at the top. If you don't, it may be under the more actions icon (three dots).
  6. Click Sync. You may need to click Open OneDrive to confirm.
  7. Click Start Sync in the window that appears.

Please note: This process will create a new OneDrive folder called University of Toronto, which is separate from the folder that contains your own synced files (which is called OneDrive - University of Toronto). The University of Toronto folder will contain all Sharepoint Online material as well as Shared folders that you choose to sync. 

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2018-06-08 13:34
Amanda Wagner
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