How do I convert Word documents into PDFs?

Note: The Help Desk does not provide support for PDF document creation.

You may need to install all Microsoft Updates before following the instructions below.

Save as Adobe PDF

Microsoft Word 2013:

  • With your document open, click the File tab > Save As
  • Click Save as Adobe PDF
  • Type a file name and click Save

Microsoft Word 2010:

  • With your document open, click the File tab > Save As
  • Name your file and in the Save as type field below, select PDF
  • Click Save

Microsoft Word 2007:

  • With your document open, cick the Office Button (on the top left corner) > Save As
  • Expand the Save as type drop down box. Select PDF (*.pdf)
  • Name your file and click Save or Publish

Microsoft Word 2008 and up (Mac):

  • With your document open, click File > Save As...
  • Name your file and under Format: select PDF
  • Click Save

You can also convert Word documents to PDFs on Library computers.

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