Forgotten UTORid password

Existing passwords cannot be retrieved and therefore have to be changed. If you have an idea of what your password might be, go to the UTORid password verification page. 

A new password reset utility is now available to students, faculty and staff. You must register for the password reset tool before you can use it to change your password yourself. Once you've registered, you can use the tool to reset your password.

If you have not registered for the password reset tool, you must come to the Information Commons Help Desk to reset your password. Bring your library/TCard to the Information Commons Help Desk on the first floor of Robarts library during our Hours of service.

If you are based at UTM, you can go to the UTM Computing Services Help Desk . Remember to bring your TCard or photo ID.

If you are based at Scarborough, you can go to the UTSC Help Desk. Remember to bring your T-Card or photo ID.

Once you have updated your password, make sure you update any devices that you have saved the password on. Of particular importance are mobile devices (phones & tablets) and desktop email clients. If you do not, you may miss important email messages. Also, failed authentications using the old password may be interpreted by the system as an attempted hack.

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