Emails not delivered to Inbox after going over quota limit

Whenever a UTORmail account consumes more than 120 MB, new messages are not delivered, but are held by the UTORmail post office for a few days, and then returned to the sender. For UTORexchange clients this happens when you exceed 2 GB. The returned messages cannot be retrieved. You will be notified by email that this is happening. When account usage is sufficiently reduced, delivery of currently held and newly arriving messages resumes within half an hour. 

For UTORmail clients, please read the information on the UTORquota web page, which describes how the quota system works, how to keep your account under 100 MB and how to check your current usage. For UTORexchange clients, see information on how to view your quota.

To delete messages in UTORmail Webmail, try the following: After you delete a message, remember to press the Purge Deleted link to permanently remove your deleted messages. You must do this for each folder. Pressing the Hide Deleted link does not permanently delete your messages, but creates an invisible message build up. To see your build up, click on the Show Deleted link. If you have any further questions, please call our Help Desk at 416-978-4357.

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2016-07-14 10:21
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