POP3 and IMAP definitions

POP3 vs. IMAP: Differences and Port Numbers to Use

Email clients, such as Thunderbird, Outlook and Mac Mail, can be set up to access UTORmail in one of two ways, IMAP or POP3.

In this mode, your emails are viewed through the internet while remaining on the mail server.This method is recommended and supported by the Help Desk. The UTORmail instructions on this site for are for setting up IMAP access. 

In this mode, emails are downloaded (and deleted) from the mail server every time you check your mail.
Disclaimer: We do not recommend or support using POP to retrieve your email. There is a significant risk of losing email with POP3  as the email is deleted from our server and a local copy is placed on your computer. If anything should happen to your computer, your messages may be lost permanently.

With POP3:

  • You will not exceed your maximum allowed email storage space because no emails stay on the server. 
  • You will only be able to read your mail from a single computer.
  • You will have no backups of your email. 

If you still wish to set up a POP3 account, follow all of the instructions available for each of the software clients, available under the UTORmail menu on the left. There are two points where the instructions differ:

  • When initially creating the account you must designate POP or POP3 instead of IMAP.
  • When assigning the Port Number for Incoming Mail (mailboxNN.utcc.utoronto.ca) you use 995 instead of 993.
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