Email messages not being received

If you are not receiving email there is a simple troubleshooting process you can follow to attempt to solve the problem.

First, test whether or not the problem is with your account. To do this, open a web browser and go to If your browser is unable to reach you may be experiencing an Internet service problem, in which case, you would need to contact your Internet Service Provider. If you are able to use web interface then you may be having a problem with your email client, or a problem with your account.

Email Client Problem

Are you using an email client?
Email clients (such as Windows Mail, Mac Mail or Thunderbird) are programs designed to access email. Unfortunately any error in configuration can lead to problems accessing your messages.

Does your mail client give you an error?
If you are not experiencing a problem in webmail then it is likely you either have out-of-date software which is incompatible with our email system, or the software is configured incorrectly. For a list of supported software as well as setup instructions refer to the UTORmail services article . Click the link for the program you are using, then click the Setup link in the Setup section. Compare your settings to those in the instructions and make sure they match.

If you are using supported software but are unable to reconcile your error, contact us at (416)978-HELP (4357).

Account Problem

Quota or forwarded email

Are you able to access old messages but are not receiving new ones?
Often this is due to an account being over quota, or having forwarding set up. You may check these by logging in to the UTORid 'get information' page . Check the box marked Show current sizes of your UTORmail folders. At the bottom of the page it indicates your total usage and what your quota is in red beside You can use up to.  If you see a line which reads all mail for (insert your email address here) is being redirected to (insert other email address here), your emails are forwarding and will not be stored in your inbox.

In Webmail you must click purge deleted in the upper right hand corner or empty trash for an email to be properly deleted. It can take up to 30 minutes to begin receiving new messages after you drop below your quota. Held messages may take longer. The UTORmail system stores messages for up to 3 days if you are over quota; anything older than that will result in a bounce back.

Messages flagged as spam
Look in your junk-mail folder (which can be accessed via the folders link at the top of the website) in case your messages are coming in but have been flagged as spam.

Professors/TAs cannot email you
If professors /TAs are unable to email you, log into and make sure the correct email address is listed under Personal Information. If it isn't, go to Display and Update Email Address to correct it. It must be a UofT email address.

Reply-to settings
If people are replying to your messages you could have the wrong reply-to address set up in Webmail. Click on options, then Personal Information and check what you have listed as your From: address and Reply-to: address. When someone replies to an email the email will be sent to the listed Reply-to: address. If none is listed then it will be sent to your From: address

If none of the above solves your problem contact us at (416)978-HELP (4357).

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