@alumni.utoronto Service Overview

@alumni.utoronto is a Gmail hosted service provided through the Alumni department which provides an email address that is independent of your main university account(s). Current eligibility for this service is limited those who graduated prior to June 2012.

Over the next few months, those who are currently eligible for only an @alumni.utoronto address will also become eligible for an @alum.utoronto account.

See the Alumni Affairs site to Login, request an account, or for additional information on the service.

Support for these accounts is available via email at support@alumni.utoronto.ca , or via a web form at my.alumni.utoronto.ca/support .

If you held staff status, or are using an @alumni.utoronto email account, you may need to manually forward your @utoronto.ca and/or @mail.utoronto.ca addresses:

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Amanda Wagner
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