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The UTORid grants you access to many University of Toronto services. This page will provide information on managing and using your UTORid. Additional support regarding your UTORid can be provided at our Help Desk.

Getting Your UTORid Account

Getting a UTORid — This article outlines how to get a UTORid, depending on how you are affiliated with U of T.

What is my UTORid? — This article shows you how to locate your UTORid.

Activate your UTORid — This article outlines how to activate your UTORid.

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UTORid Password Management

IMPORTANT: Set up your options for the new UTORid password reset tool — This article provides instructions on setting up options for the UTORid password reset tool.

Forgotten UTORid password — This article provides possible solutions when you have forgotten your UTORid password.

Reset your UTORid password — Once you have set up the password reset tool, you can reset your UTORid password if you have forgotten it.

Change your contact option for the Password Reset Tool — If you chose SMS text message or alternate email, you can change this to a different option yourself.

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UTORid Service Eligiblity

Depending on your affiliation with the University (Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student, Faculty, Alumni, etc) you will be eligible different services which use the UTORid as login credential.

Click here for a table outlining who is eligible for what services.

Services Utilizing UTORid

Below is a list of the services that require a UTORid and password. However, you may not be eligible for all of these services.

UTmail+ for Students — UTmail+ is the student email and calendar service at the University of Toronto. The service is powered by Microsoft’s Office 365 platform and supports integrated email, calendaring, contacts and task lists.

UTmail+ for Faculty, Librarians and Staff  — UTmail+ powered by Office 365 is the new comprehensive online e-communication and collaboration service for faculty, librarians and staff that supports integrated email, calendaring, contacts, task lists and many other features. 

UTORexchange — UTORexchange is the University's existing email and calendaring system for faculty and staff. This service provides seamless integration of email, webmail, and calendaring. Beginning August 2017, U of T staff are being migrated to UTmail+.

UTORmail — UTORmail is one of the email services at the University of Toronto for staff and faculty.

Blackboard/Portal — The Portal is the place for students and faculty to access course material.

ACORN — ACORN accounts are used for course selection and academic and financial records. The Help Desk can assist with login issues. If you are locked out of ACORN you will need to contact your registrar's office.

Computer access on campus — Computer Access Facilities are located in many libraries around campus. They offer workstations with full Internet access.

Wireless internet access — The campus wireless network (UTORcwn) provides wireless internet access around campus. 

UTORweb — UTORweb provides space on U of T's web server for personal webpages, pictures, word-processing documents, etc. You can use it to share documents with others, or you can use it as a way to save and access documents from any computer connected to the Internet.

Library online resources — U of T has subscriptions to many electronic resources, which you can access with your UTORid or library barcode.

UTORvpn — Access to certain resources is restricted to computers connected on the UofT campus network. To allow access to these resources from outside the campus network, faculty, staff, and graduate students can use the UTORvpn (Virtual Private Network) service.

Additional Accounts at U of T

Note: The Help Desk does not provide support for the types of accounts listed below.

ROSI — ROSI is the legacy student information service at U of T and will continue to be available to students until the U of T community transitions to ACORN. Help with ROSI (including PIN resets) may be obtained through your registrar's office.

Department-specific accounts — These accounts may be used for departmental resources. For information on these accounts, please contact your department.

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