My wireless access has been blocked. How can I restore my access?

Access to the University's campus wireless network (UTORcwn) is governed by the Appropriate Use of Information and Communication Technology policy.

Wireless access can be blocked for a number of reasons including but not limited to: violation of copyright, criminal activity, and virus activity.

If you have had your access suspended, you will not be able log into the wireless network until you have addressed the problem with the Help Desk. Note that contacting the Help Desk does not guarantee access, it will simply allow you to understand the nature of the problem and whether it can be resolved.

St George students
Contact the Information Commons Help Desk on the first floor of Robarts Library, or call 416-978-HELP (4357).

UTM students
Contact the UTM Help Desk (905-828-5344).

UTSC students
Contact the UTSC Help Desk (416-287-4357).

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