Connecting to UofT Wireless with Windows Vista

  1. Left-click the wireless icon in the tray area, and click Connect to a network.

    Connect to a Network Dialogue
  2. Highlight UofT and click Connect.

    Select a network to connect to window
  3. Click Enter/select additional log on information.

    Additional Login Info 1
  4. Type your UTORid and password in the appropriate fields. Click OK.

    Enter Credential Window
  5. When the following window appears, click Enter/select additional log on information.

    Additional log on information
  6. On the Validate Server Certificate window, click OK.

    Validate Server Certificate Window
  7. Click Close.

    Successful Connection Dialogue

If you are having issues connecting, please see the article about verifying your UTORid.


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2016-06-30 10:09
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