My UTORvpn client hasn’t been used for a few months and it no longer connects, although it did in the past.

The packaged client was updated in 2007 - earlier versions will not work. If you installed UTORvpn on your Windows system before the 2007 update, you will need to follow these steps to upgrade your Windows client.

  1. Remove "OpenVPN" from the "Add/Remove Programs" dialog in the Control Panel.
  2. Completely delete the directory C:\Program Files\OpenVPN. You can do this by opening "My Computer" and selecting the drive you installed VPN to (usually "C")
  3. Go to the UTORvpn website and log in with your UTORid and password.
  4. Follow the instructions there to create and download your UTORvpn auto-installation package.
  5. To install UTORvpn, you must be logged in as a user with administrator privileges.
    Note: Although you must install OpenVPN as a user with administrator privileges, CNS strongly recommends that users not run Windows in an account with Administrator privileges. OpenVPN can run under a non-administrator account, and a page on the UTORvpn site describes how to set up your account to allow this .
  6. Once you have created and downloaded your installation package, double click the file (utorvpn.exe) in Windows Explorer to run it. If you have Service Pack 2 for Windows XP installed, you may see an error message that looks something like this:
     Error message - open file, security warning
    This error message is not a problem, simply click Run to continue.
  7. After accepting the license agreement you will be presented with a page of options. If you are an advanced user, you may de-select some of these, otherwise install all of them:
    Installation Options
  8. Click Next and choose your installation directory. During the proccess of the installation, you will be prompted with a screen that looks something like:
    Hardware Installation screen
    Answer Continue Anyway to this question because this component is necessary for running OpenVPN.
  9. When the installation is complete, you will see a new icon on your desktop:
    UTORvpn icon
  10. The first time you run UTORvpn, you must be logged in as a user with administrator privileges. If you do not do this, you will see a pop-up like this:
    Run as administrator message
  11. That's it! Now that you have installed UTORvpn on your computer, you can learn how to start up and use UTORvpn .

Having trouble installing UTORvpn? Call the Help Desk @ 978-HELP during our hours of service

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