Web space for individuals (students, faculty or staff), student groups or departments

If you are a currently registered student, faculty or staff member, you may be eligible for a free, 50 MB personal website through the UTORweb service. See our article about Web space setup.

Recognized Campus Group
Recognized Campus Groups (recognized by Student Life via Ulife), Course Unions and Student Societies can apply for web space through Ulife online. ULife currently provides access to a Wordpress platform. The contact person for your group may apply for this service by following these steps:

  1. Log into Ulife.
  2. Click on the My Groups button.
  3. Select the appropriate group, and then click on the Request Group Services menu item.

After approval of the web space request, a follow-up email will be sent containing additional information on accessing WordPress or other changes that may be required. Please visit Student Life Campus Club Services for more details. Only the Group Leaders designated by the Main Contact person as Executive and Signing Officer may access the web space service. Please direct any questions regarding your group's Web Space to groups@mail.studentlife.utoronto.ca.

Departments and Associate Groups

Many faculties and departments on campus provide web hosting services for their affiliate departments/divisions. Check with your faculty or department for this option.

If you are unable to host your site through your faculty or department, you may also use ITS's web hosting service, or manage your own server using ITS's server virtualization services.

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