Declining the UTmail+ Service

Upon migration, you will be offered an opportunity to decline the UTmail+ service.  We strongly recommend you do not select the 'Decline Service' option. The University of Toronto has negotiated privacy and security protections for students using UTmail+ that are better than those available by signing up directly with consumer services such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. You will not receive these expanded protections if you decline.
By declining service you acknowledge that:
  1. There are known problems that may occasionally prevent important messages from reaching you—under the University's "Policy on Official Correspondence with Students " you are still responsible if an important message fails to reach you.
  2. You will not have access to UTmail+ functionality—this may limit your ability to collaborate with other University members.
  3. Declining UTmail+ service is not the best way to forward your e-mail. If you require a forward service, please create your UTmail+ account and forward your e-mail using built in UTmail+ forward functionality.  Although forwarding may still result in messages not being delivered, for which are you still responsible, you will have access to the full suite of UTmail+ services.
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2012-04-11 14:01
Luke Sutherland
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