Web Apps with UTmail+ accounts

Office Web Apps is an online version of four programs from the Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and OneNote. Unlike the UTmail+ email and calendar services, use of this product involves an agreement directly between you and Microsoft.

Office Web Apps can be used to review and make minor changes for Microsoft Office documents. They do not offer the features and stability of the full versions of Microsoft Office applications. We recommend that students wishing to create documents in Microsoft Office formats use a full version of Microsoft Office or another locally installed office suite. If you do not have a copy of Microsoft Office you can get it for free through your UTmail+ account. See our article about Office 365 ProPlus.  

If you wish to try Microsoft Web Apps, you can find out how to use them at the Microsoft Web Apps site. Please note that not all of the advertised features will work with your UTmail+ account:  Like OneDrive, Office Web Apps for UTMail+ work only in web browsers—direct integration with desktop versions of Microsoft Office and other programs will not work.


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