UTmail+ for Students with a Staff UTORmail account

If you are a student who still has a UTORmail account and you also have staff status, your UTORmail account will be automatically migrated to UTmail+ in the near future and your student and staff accounts will be merged into one staff/student mailbox. However, if your staff account is still in UTORmail when you enroll in UTmail+, your accounts will remain separate until the UTORmail account is migrated. 

Your Email addresses

Once you enroll, your UTmail+ email address (@mail.utoronto.ca) will be activated. However, your UTORmail address (@utoronto.ca) will continue to function as always. No mail will be forwarded from @utoronto.ca to @mail.utoronto.ca.

Account Access

Your UTmail+ account will be accessible directly through mail.utoronto.ca. Your UTORmail account will be available through webmail.utoronto.ca. When you log in to Webmail, you will give given the option of which account you want to access.

Note: If you are unsure if you are considered staff contact the Help Desk at 416-978-4357. You can check your current mail forwarding status by visiting www.utorid.utoronto.ca , clicking Get Information, and log in with your UTORid and password. If the UTORmail email address section indicates mail is being redirected to @mail.utoronto.ca, you were considered a student when you switched to UTmail+.

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