Antivirus Software for Faculty and Staff

Notice:  The University of Toronto's subscription to Symantec Endpoint Protection expired in 2012. If you currently have this software installed it will continue to function, including new virus definition updates, but will no longer receive version upgrades to the software engine. If you do keep a Symantec product in place, please ensure you or your unit have a suitable license subscription to remain in compliance otherwise you should install a different antivirus package. The University's recommendations are available on the Antivirus website.

Removing Symantec Software

You should uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection before installing any other antivirus product. If you need help uninstalling Symantec Endpoint Protection, please contact your local IT support personnel. 

IT support personnel assisting faculty and staff with removal of Symantec Anti-Virus products who encounter difficulties can obtain an uninstall tool from the End User Computing (formerly CAST) team by emailing

See the Antivirus website for more details.

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