Your UTORid and SPAM filtering

By default, the spam filter has been turned ON for all UofT email accounts.

With the spam filter turned ON, messages that are suspected of being spam are automatically delivered to your junk-mail folder instead of your Inbox. Some spam messages may still be delivered to your Inbox – spam filtering is not perfect.

You can adjust the University's spam filtering depending on your tolerance for good messages being filtered into your junk-mail folder. This is done by selecting one of four spam filter risk levels: Low, Moderate, High or filtering OFF.

  • Low risk means fewer good messages may be detected as spam
  • Moderate means a few more good messages may be detected as spam
  • High risk means even more good messages may be detected as spam
  • OFF means all spam will be received in your Inbox

By default, the filter has been set to Moderate.

To change your junk mail filtering settings, please log into the UTORid website.

  1. Enter your UTORid and password and click Authenticate.
  2. Look for the section: Junk Mail (Spam) Filtering.
  3. Select Low, Medium or High risk filtering.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click modification.
  5. You have now changed the settings. The change will take effect starting the following day.
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2012-07-19 09:46
Geoffrey Chun
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