Does SPAM get filtered when forwarding mail from my UTORmail address to another address?

When forwarding (i.e. automatically sending your UTORmail to another provider such as,, or Gmail) messages through UTORmail checks if the message it is forwarding are SPAM. Messages with an 80% or higher probability of being SPAM are not forwarded.

If U of T allows too many messages through which are labelled as SPAM by other email service providers (e.g.,, or Gmail) it could lead to all U of T email being blocked. In order to prevent this, U of T places significant restrictions on SPAM regarding forwarding. This may impact legitimate messages, but is necessary. The best solution is to keep your UTORmail separate.

For further information about forwarding, please consult this article: How to I add or remove forwarding from my UTORmail account?

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2014-04-24 13:53
Geoffrey Chun
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