Saving messages using Windows Mail

There are two reasons to create "local" copies of e-mail messages: first, it allows messages to be accessed when the computer is not connected to the internet and second, it allows one to delete messages from the server - thereby reducing the total storage used that counts towards one's remote storage quota - and still maintain a record of any archived messages.

There are two steps to save (archive) messages:

Create local folders

  1. Select File, then New and choose Folder.
  2. In the Create Folder window, under Folder Name, type in the new folder name.
  3. Under Select the folder in which to create the new folder:
    Select Local Folders if you wish to create the folder on your computer's hard drive
  4. Click OK.
Copying/Moving messages into local folders
  1. Select the remote folder you wish to archive.
  2. Click on a message to select it. You can also select a range of messages.
  3. From the Edit menu select Copy To Folder. You can alternately select Move To Folder which will automatically flag the message as being deleted.
  4. Select a folder under Local Folders and then click OK.
  5. Once you have confirmed all the messages have been successfully copied or moved into your local folders, you can now permanently delete them from the remote folders. If you moved messages, they are already flagged for deletion. If you copied messages, you need to select them again and click on the big red X in the Toolbar.
  6. Deleted messages will be flagged with an "X" and/or have a line through it or they will go into the Deleted Items folder. To permanently delete those messages:
    • If they are in the Deleted Items folder, select Empty Deleted Items Folder from Edit menu.
    • Otherwise, select Purge Deleted Items from the Edit menu. You must do this for each remote folder which has messages to be deleted.
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