Deleting messages using Windows Mail

Deleting messages in Windows Mail requires two steps.

  • Select a message and then click on the red X in the Toolbar. If you do not see the red X, select Delete from the Edit menu.
    Deleted messages will be flagged with an X and/or have a line through it or they will go into the Deleted Items folder.
  • Permanently delete those messages:
    • If they have a strikethrough or are flagged with an X, select Purge Deleted Items from the Edit menu. You must do this for each folder which has messages to be deleted. 
    • If they are in the Deleted Items folder, choose Empty Deleted Items Folder from the Edit menu

If messages are not being moved into the Deleted Items folder and you cannot see your deleted messages:

  1. Select a folder.
  2. From the Windows Mail menu, select View /Current View and then select Show Deleted Messages.
Note: You will need to do this for each folder Tags: Microsoft Mail, UTORmail
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