Email for Faculty, Librarians and Staff

Office 365
UTmail+ — UTmail+ powered by Office 365 is the new comprehensive online e-communication and collaboration service for faculty, librarians and staff. Migration to UTmail+ begins August 2017 with a pilot group and then will be rolled out in phases to the rest of the University.
UTORexchange UTORexchange is a legacy email service for faculty, librarians and staff which includes integrated email, calendar and contacts services. UTORexchange accounts are currently being migrated to UTmail+.
UTORmail — UTORmail is a legacy email service originally provided to University of Toronto faculty, librarians, staff and students. UTORmail accounts are currently being migrated to UTmail+.


Shared mailboxes — University departments and organizations can obtain a generic email address in the form of (e.g.  These accounts are useful for jobs that will shared by multiple staff (e.g. registrar's offices).

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