Accessing the UofT and eduroam wireless networks via Symbian

Screenshots and configuration instructions for both eduroam and UofT were done on a Nokia N8 (rev00) running Symbian^3.

The following instructions and images pertain to the UofT wireless network. To connect to eduroam, replace UofT where documented/displayed with eduroam and append anywhere your UTORid is configured.

  1. From your home screen on your phone, tap the button at the bottom.
  2. Tap Settings.

    Image 01
  3. Tap Connectivity.

    Image 02
  4. Tap Settings.

    Image 03

  5. Tap Destinations.

    Image 04
  6. Tap Access point: Add new acc. pt.

    Image 05
  7. Tap Yes.

    Image 06
  8. Tap Wi-Fi.

    Image 07
  9. Select UofT.

    Image 08
  10. Tap Internet.

    Image 09
  11. Tap Internet.

    Image 10
  12. From this menu, you can configure prioritization of which service to use first. (This is useful for those who either don't have data plans, or want to use it sparingly.) Tap UofT.

    Image 11
  13. Duplicate the settings displayed below, tap Wi-Fi security settings.

    Image 12
  14. Ensure that EAP is selected for the WPA/WPA2 heading. Disable any other options by pressing and holding them. Tap EAP plug-in settings to continue.

    Image 13
  15. Only EAP-PEAP should be selected; disable any other options enabled. Tap EAP-PEAP to proceed.

    Image 14
  16. Duplicate the settings below, replacing UTORID with your personal UTORid. Allow PEAPv1 and PEAPv2 which are displayed further below, are both set to Off.

    Image 15

  17. Note: You may or may not require the AddTrust External CA root certificate. If this certificate is not in the list, you can try leaving this setting to "Not defined." If you are unable to connect, visit the Comodo web site, save the file on your Symbian device with the .cer extension and then click on the file on your phone, to import it.
  18. Tap the right-pointing arrowhead.

    Image 16
  19. Only EAP-MSCHAPv2 should be selected. Tap EAP-MSCHAPv2.
  20. Replace UTORID with your UTORid. Enter your 8 character UTORid password into the Password field. Tap Back.

    Image 17
  21. Tap the arrow-head pointing to the right.
  22. The settings below should be the default.

    Image 18
  23. Tap the Back button 8 times, then the Exit button to complete the configuration.
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