Saving email messages using Thunderbird

By saving, we mean copying messages from folders on the UTORmail server (remote folders) into local folders on your computer.

There are two steps to save (or archive) messages:

Step One - Create a local folder in Thunderbird.

  1. Select New Folder from the File menu.
  2. Under Name, type in a meaningful name.
  3. Under Create as a subfolder of, make sure it has Local Folders.
  4. Click on the OK button.

Step Two - Copy the message(s) to the local folder

  1. Click to select the remote folder.
  2. Highlight a message or multiple messages.
  3. Place your mouse's cursor over the messages and right-click.
  4. Choose Copy To then choose Local Folders -> destination folder.
  5. Verify your messages are in the local folder.
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