LDAP in Mozilla Thunderbird

Follow these instructions to set up LDAP in Thunderbird 2 (Windows or Mac). LDAP is used to access the U of T online email directory when writing email.


  1. Open Thunderbird.
  2. Go to Tools and choose Options. (In Mac OSX, go to Thunderbird and then Preferences).
  3. Go to the Composition section.
  4. Choose the Addressing tab and check to select the Directory Server box.
  5. Click Edit Directories.
  6. Click Add.
  7. In the first 3 fields, enter:

  8. Name University of Toronto LDAP
    Hostname: ldap.utoronto.ca
    Base DN: o=university of toronto,c=ca

  9. Click OK twice (to close the Add window and the LDAP Directory Servers window).
  10. Now change Directory Server from None to University of Toronto LDAP.
  11. In Windows click OK and Mac OS X click on the red X to close the window.


When writing an email, click on Contacts and use the Address Book menu to choose between Personal Address Book and University of Toronto LDAP. If you simply start typing an email address, Thunderbird will look in both of these address books for a match.

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