Create a PDF from any document on a Library computer

Library computers are equipped with the software to convert any Microsoft document file (eg. Word, Excel or Powerpoint) or Web browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) pages into a PDF file. You may convert your thesis, essay or any other document into a PDF file with the following instructions.

  1. While editing your document click File and then Print.


  2. Select PDFCreator from the drop-down list under Printer, then click Print.

    Printer list

  3. Type the name of the file in the field 'Document Title' and then click Save. (Note: You may also change the Creation Date, Modify Date, Author, Subject and Keywords fields.)

    PDFCreator file save

  4. In the next window, select a destination to save the file. By default, documents are saved under My Documents (Temprary Storage Only). Once the document is saved it will open in Adobe Reader. NOTE: Make sure you either transfer the file to your personal storage device or email it to yourself as an attachment before logging out of your session on a Library computer. Neither Information Commons or the University of Toronto take any responsibility for the loss of your file or data.

    Save file
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