Create a PDF from any document on a Library computer

Library computers are equipped with the software to convert any Microsoft document file (eg. Word, Excel or Powerpoint) or Web browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) pages into a PDF file. You may convert your thesis, essay or any other document into a PDF file with the following instructions.

  1. While editing your document click File and then Print.

  2. Select PDFCreator from the drop-down list under Printer, then click Print.

    Printer list
  3. Type the name of the file in the Filename field and then click Save. By default, documents are saved on the Desktop(Note: You may also change the Author, Subject and Keywords fields.)

    PDFCreator file save

  4. To change the save location, click on the button beside the Folder field in PDFCreator and browse to choose another location. Click Save. NOTE: Make sure you either transfer the file to your personal storage device or email it to yourself as an attachment before logging out of your session on a Library computer. Neither Information Commons or the University of Toronto take any responsibility for the loss of your file or data.

    Save file
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