Webmail junk mail deletion

Each message in the junk-mail folder is treated seperately. When it is over seven days old, it is automatically deleted. During this time, all mail in the junk-mail folder counts toward your storage quota. If you want or need to empty it manually, be careful not to delete the folder itself as it will not be automatically recreated after deletion and all junk mail will then be sent to your Inbox.

To delete messages in your junk-mail folder manually:

  1. Select the junk-mail folder from the drop down list on the right, beside Open Folder.
  2. Click the Open Folders link .
  3. Place a checkmark beside each message you want to Delete or to select all emails for deletion, Select All from the drop down menu on the top left.
  4. Click Delete and then click Purge Deleted to permanently delete the messages.

If you accidentally delete your junk-mail folder, simply create a new folder with the name junk-mail. The folder name must be junk-mail or the spam filtering will not work.

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