Saving sent messages

  1. Go to Options -> Personal Information
  2. Scroll all the way to the bottom and check the last checkbox, Save sent mail.
  3. Open the menu beneath it to choose your sent mail folder. 
  4. a. If you already have a sent mail folder, choose it and skip to step 5.

    b. If you don't have a sent mail folder, click Create a new sent mail folder. If a new window appears, enter the name "Sent mail" and go to step 5.

    c. If you were not asked for a folder name, look for a light-yellow bar with a small blue shield at the top of your webmail window. Click this bar and choose Temporarily allow scripted windows. If you are unable to find this bar, pass your mouse repeatedly up and down across your entire screen: the yellow bar will flash blue when touched.

    d. After choosing Temporarily allow scripted windows, change your Sent Mail folder selection to None. Next, change it back to Create a new sent mail folder. Enter a name for your folder.

  5. Click Save changes.
  6. When composing new messages, you will now see an option "Save sent mail? [Sent mail]" with a filled checkbox which confirms where your message will be saved. 
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