Create an Accept list in UTORmail

Each UTORmail customer can add email addresses to their accept list. Messages from senders on your personal accept list are always sent to your Inbox. Such messages will never be incorrectly identified as spam (also known as false positives).

In general, it is not necessary to add everyone who sends you messages to your accept list. False positives in such cases are rare. However, some newsletters have characteristics of SPAM, and the sender email address should be added to your accept list if you want to ensure delivery. (The technology used limits each person's accept list to 100 email addresses.)

To create and add email addresses to your accept list:

  1. Log in to UTORwebmail at
  2. If you have an email message from the address you would like to add to your acceptlist, in the message index, click the checkbox in the left column next to the message. Then click acceptlist below the UTORwebmail toolbar.

It is also possible to directly manage the accept list:

  • Click the Filters icon on the Webmail toolbar to go to a list of already existing rules.
  • In the Existing Rules column, click the work acceptlist.
  • An Accept List page will appear, where email addresses can be added or removed, one per line.
  • When done editing the list, click the Save button at the bottom of the panel.
  • After saving, click the Return to Rules List button at the bottom of the panel. Verify there is a green checkmark in the "Enabled" column next to the accept list rule. If not, click the red X to enable it.

Your changes should take effect within the hour.

Note that even though customers must use UTORwebmail to manage accept lists, the list applies to your messages no matter how you later access UTORmail e.g. UTORwebmail, Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.

For those that want to manage their Acceptlist manually

- Each entry in the Acceptlist must look like an email address.


- asterisks are permitted, but we recommend that you use exact email addresses to reduce the chance of getting unintended SPAM.

e.g. (matches all addresses at 
or (matches and
or @somedomain.* (matches and

The technology limits each customer to 100 entries in the Acceptlist.

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