Using Webmail Address Book

Webmail has a built in address book for convenient access to your contacts. This feature is especially useful when composing new messages to multiple recipents. 

To access it, click on the Address Book link on the top.

You will see several options at the top.

  • Browse: Allows you to have a quick overview of your contacts, in addition to editing, deleting, and exporting contacts. You can also create new "Contact Lists", which allows you to group/organize your contacts into separate categories. (Note: if you have more than 20 contacts, Browse will show you those whose first names begin with A, B, etc. Click All at the bottom to view all contacts.)
  • New Contact: Allows you to create additional contacts to be added to your address book.

  • Search (Basic and Advanced): Allows you to search through your contacts using different criteria. This is especially useful if you have a large number of contacts, which makes it difficult to find a particular contact in the Browse section.

  • Export/Import: If you have contacts in your Webmail Address Book that you would like to use in another email client (ie: Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Gmail, etc.), you can export them to a file on your computer, then import the file into the new email client's Contacts.
    If you have Contacts in other email clients that you would like to import into Webmail, you can do so by first exporting them from your email client, and then importing them into Webmail. This will bring your contacts into your Webmail Address Book.
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