Features missing (greyed out) in Outlook 2007

If you already have Microsoft Office 2003 and then install Microsoft Outlook 2007 (not the entire Office suite), some Outlook features will not be available (this problem does not occur if you install the entire Office suite).

  • Themes is disabled — (in the Options tab in the compose message window and by going to Tools / Options clicking the Mail Format tab and the Stationery and Fonts button). Page Color is the only theme feature available.
  • Actions / Mail New Message is also disabled.
  • AutoCorrectTools / Options, click theSpelling tab, then the Spelling and AutoCorrection button - items under "when correcting spelling in Outlook" are greyed out. However, sometimes small mistakes will still be replaced as you type (ie, ot becomes to). Spell check as you type is not available.

Note: If you go to Tools / Options, click the Spelling tab and then the Spelling and Autocorrect Options button when a form is open, most of the options are grayed out. If you open this dialog when only the main Outlook window is open, all of these options are 'live'. However, even though you can enable them, they won't work.

For more details, see the Microsoft article about the Impact of deploying Outlook 2007 without Word 2007 and the Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 e-mail editor white paper  which has an excellent document describing why and what is not available when Word 2007 is not installed.

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