Moving Local Folders from Thunderbird to Entourage.

Thunderbird uses MBOX type mailbox files which are readable by Entourage. There are a few steps you need to complete before importing the files into Entourage.

  1. Locate the Thunderbird folders you want to import. The path to the folders may look something like this:
    Username/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/default.bb1/Mail/Local Folders/
    The MBOX mailbox files are the ones with just the name of the folder, such as Administrative. You may see other files with extensions such as .msf, .sdb, or .snm. You will not need these files.
  2. Make copies of the folders you want to import and place the copies in a separate folder in an accessible location. For example, create a folder on your desktop called Local Folders and drag the mail folders from the original location to the new folder while holding down the option key. This will create a copy in the new folder.
  3. Rename the copies so they have an extension of .mbx. For example, Administrative.mbx.
    The file type must also be set to TEXT. To do this, follow these steps:
    Open Script Editor (it should be in Applications / AppleScript).
    • Type the script below into Script Editor:

    on run
    tell application “Finder”
    set theFiles to the selection
    repeat with aFile in theFiles
    set file type of aFile to “TEXT”
    end repeat
    end tell
    on error theMsg
    display dialog theMsg
    exit repeat
    end try
    end run

    • Open the folder you created and select the file(s). Click back to the Script Editor and click Run. This should set the selected MBOX folders to TEXT.
  4. In Entourage, choose Import from the File menu.
  5. In the Import window, select Contacts or Messages from a text file, and click the right arrow.
  6. Select Import messages from an MBOX-format text file, and click the right arrow.
  7. Browse to find the .mbx file, select it and click Import.
  8. Wait for the confirmation message, then click Finish.
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